We should be advertising more best in the world Canadian oil and gas and technology.


ACTIVIST CLAIM:  Activist doctor group sends letter to government ministers calling for ban on oil and gas related advertising for contributing to public health issues.

THE FACTS: We should be promoting our best in the world Canadian oil and gas and emissions-reducing innovations such as carbon tech to replace bad actors with lower environmental standards.


Fossil Fuel Advertising is Fuelling a Public Health Crisis: An Open Letter from Health Professionals in Canada

Here’s some facts and sources to have a reasoned conversation about Canadian oil and gas:


Stories that get it right

Gwyn Morgan: Hard facts puncture anti-fossil fuel fantasies

The marvellous Christmas movie Polar Express, starring the inimitable Tom Hanks, ends with the words “anything is possible, if you only believe.” Except, as adults understand, many things aren’t possible, not even if some people do believe them. An obvious example is the fantasy that the 84 per cent of global energy supplied by oil and gas can be replaced.

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