We didn’t talk about a third option to fight climate change this election

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As the dust settles on the election, the political landscape looks pretty much the same as it did nearly 2 years ago.  While the next few days might see some fluctuations in the numbers, the die for the 44th parliament is pretty much cast.

The other thing that is the same is the ENGOs are already out claiming this election is an endorsement of climate action and ‘just transition’.  While the last election they added together Bloq, NDP, and Liberal popular vote to make their case for a mandate, this time they add in the CPC who also endorsed Paris.  350.org was one of the first out on this retreaded talking point.

One thing is for certain is that during the election there was little focus on energy and the environment.

Leading up to the election there was more talk. The current government had grand plans to tackle the climate situation. They even began consultation on a ‘Just Transition’, a few months before.

The Conservatives even released a climate plan of their own back in April of this year.

The NDP and the Green party are still gung-ho on a Green New Deal and a rapid transition off of oil and gas.

Despite growing concerns over climate change, the topic didn’t come up very much which was frankly disappointing to us at CENN.

At CENN we were hoping to see a third option on climate to emerge.  Alberta is pivoting to carbon tech and the circular economy and not one party or leader even talked about this option. Even though billions are being committed to it.  This OpEd in True North even asked for the issue to be raised in the election.

Carbon capture technology is referred to by the International Energy Agency as key to the transition to net-zero.  Norway has Catapult, Alberta has COSIA and Avatar and Elon Musk have the Xprize.  Something big is happening in this area.

While many anti-oil and gas activists claim they have a mandate to see more of your tax dollars spent on their cause they are dismissing the third option without serious debate.

Real-zero production and consumption technologies are emerging rapidly that will help Canada produce energy in the most responsible way possible. The IEA even concludes that enhanced oil recovery, when used with a closed-loop system such as carbon capture, can produce carbon neutral or carbon negative oil and gas.

There are even projects for circular economy oil and gas technology that won’t just produce oil and gas with zero emissions but will also re-use the CO2 produced to create products like hydrogen. Questerre Energy based out of Calgary has just completed the engineering and work program to begin testing a carbon storage reservoir in Quebec.

None of this was talked about during the election, yet it should have been a key pillar.  There can be no mandate for ENGO solutions if credible options weren’t even talked about at all.

Instead of trying to transition us out of jobs and the market, we should be supporting this world-leading innovation in energy production. By using current skills, existing resources, and infrastructure, the oil and gas industry has a good shot at reaching zero emissions without a transition.

The oil and gas industry is truly transforming our energy production to meet today’s challenges.

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