Truth and Reconciliation

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Today is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and it is important that on this day we recognize the hardships that Indigenous people have had to endure over Canada’s history. It is also important to remember that Indigenous communities are looking for reconcili-action, not cynical gestures that have not been followed through with.

Giving Indigenous people the opportunity for prosperity and independence should be a high priority for any government in this country. A major contributor to this prosperity and independence over the last few years has been the integration of the Indigenous people and communities into the natural resources sector.

At one point it may have seemed that industry and Indigenous were at logger-heads with each other on natural resource development. However, now we know that when given the ability to be respectfully included in natural resource projects, Indigenous communities are more than happy to partner with industry.

Groups like the National Coalition of Chiefs and the Indian Resource Council see the meaningful inclusion of Indigenous peoples in natural resources projects to truly take action and promote reconciliation. This also gives First Nation’s control over protecting their land and helps end on-reserve poverty by bringing in economic benefits to these communities, which can often be in remote areas of the country.

As the country takes the day to reflect, here are some facts and sources about Indigenous people and the oil and gas industry:

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