Trans Mountain is working with Indigenous communities


Setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas media stories

ACTIVIST CLAIM: claims Trans Mountain is violating Indigenous rights.

THE FACTS:  Trans Mountain is working with Indigenous communities to protect their rights and interests.


Why would any insurer want to continue backing a climate-wrecking pipeline that is violating Indigenous rights?

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Here are some facts to have a reasoned conversation about Trans Mountain:

  • As of January 2021, Trans Mountain Corp. has signed agreements with 73 communities along its path, including many Secwepemc communities. 120 of the 129 total communities that could be affected by Trans Mountain support or do not oppose the project.

  •  Indigenous leaders fear that activism from environmental organizations has become a form of “Eco-Colonialism” where many non-indigenous groups claim to represent Indigenous voices. This happened the entirety of the Coastal GasLink protests in winter 2020.

  • This study from Navius Research shows that Trans Mountain can help lower global emissions by 1,600,000 tonnes instead of being the climate catastrophe they claim.
  • Would you tell insurance companies to stop insuring cars because you don’t like cars? We make insurance mandatory for your car and many other things like pipelines because there is a public benefit.  In the very unlikely event of a serious car accident not only are you covered but so are other people.

    It is simply irresponsible and against the public interest to campaign against insurance.  The pipeline is covered but so is the public. The problem with activists who don’t like pipelines is they don’t think past that.


Stories that get it right:

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This is the tumultuous backdrop in place as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz comes to Canada and sits down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next week. It’s expected the issue of energy security will be high on the menu for discussions.

Is Canada willing to put its entire buffet of energy options on the table, including not just hydrogen — an agreement on this front will be signed — but also natural gas and the development of an LNG industry needed to export it abroad?

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