Tilbury LNG will reduce net global emissions with best in the world Canadian LNG

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ACTIVIST CLAIM: Council of Canadians and the foreign-funded Wilderness Committee get the City of New Westminster to oppose the Tilbury LNG expansion using misleading information about emissions and safety.

THE FACTS: Tilbury LNG will reduce net global emissions with best in the world Canadian LNG


New West opposes proposed Tilbury LNG expansion in Delta

Here are some facts and sources to have a reasoned conversation about Tilbury LNG:


Stories that get it right

Coastal GasLink uses state-of-the-art method to cross waterway

Opponents of the Coastal GasLink pipeline criticize the company’s crossing of rivers over the pacific northwest. Most of them believe that the pipe will just lay completely in the river exposing the river to the threat of the spill. Micro-tunneling requires minimal excavation, is highly precise, and has minimal environmental disturbance without ever affecting the flow of the river. It also involves hydraulic jacks and a tunnel boring machine to install concrete segments deep below the water body without coming into contact with the river or any of its channels. This method is safe and effective and will prevent environmental damage from construction and operation.

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