Strategic Energy Management for Businesses in Quebec


Title: Strategic Energy Management for Businesses in Quebec

Author: Johanne Whitmore and Pierre-Olivier Pineau (Executive Summary)

Publisher: Conference Board of Canada

Date: October 2015

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  • In 2012, 67 per cent of the energy consumed in Quebec was consumed by industrial, commercial, and institutional users. How businesses and organization managed their energy consumption, therefore, has a major impact on overall provincial usage.
  • Energy management is still too heavily focused on the operational side; the issue of managing energy in today’s market is becoming an increasingly strategic one.
  • Environmental, social, and geopolitical constraints will have an economic impact that businesses and organizations are not fully anticipating or taking into consideration.
  • While many uncertainties remain, several opportunities exist—in particular, with respect to policies on climate change; 39 per cent of the businesses surveyed see these policies as opportunities, although many are uncertain what these policies will hold for them.

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