launches digital ad campaign targeting RBC for investing in oil and gas

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Setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas media stories

ACTIVIST CLAIM: launches digital ad campaign targeting RBC for investing in oil and gas

THE FACTS:  Oil and gas demand will be increasing significantly in non-OECD developing countries and Canadian banks are the best in have strong social governance to weed out irresponsible companies to make sure they are protecting the environment.


New national ad campaign reveals RBC’s role in fueling fires & drought across Canada

Here are some facts and sources to have a reasoned conversation about Canadian banks investing in Canadian energy:


Stories that get it right:

The Obvious Delusion Of ‘No More Natural Gas’

Activists have been claiming that natural gas demand is going away for years. Yet every year demand continues to climb. In a recent J.P. Morgan report, they noted that the energy transition will take longer than pundits and politicians claim. The push to not invest in new gas supply is already starting to devastate as demand can only continue to rise. This has caused natural gas prices to spike and also caused Europe to rely on more high-emissions coal to keep countries running.

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