Hydrocarbon News – June 6th, 2019

Hydrocarbon News Topic:  Fossil fuels help us and the environment Since the use of oil and gas began, society has gotten cleaner and safer. Here’s why it’s important Canada produces these valuable resources:


Hydrocarbon News

Hydrocarbon News  Topic:   Taxpayer group’s tour highlights lost oil revenues for B.C.,Alberta. Trans Mountain, new environmental assessment targeted  Canada is losing a lot of revenue due to energy project cancellations and delays.


Hydrocarbon News – June 3rd, 2019

  Topic:   Supposedly the GNL Québec project would have enormous repercussions according to environmental group Equiterre senior climate change researcher. Protected areas and rivers, First Nations communities. Tankers, Whales and Greenhouse Gas


Hydrocarbon News – May 24th, 2019

Hydrocarbon News   Topic: Chinese demand for gas, LNG ‘almost infinite’  China’s shift from coal to natural gas to provide power will require a substantial increase in LNG imports, Li said, since


Hydrocarbon News – May 23rd, 2019

Hydrocarbon News   Topic: National Observer Reports Canada is Betting On Climate Failure by Continuing Oil Sands Production  The National Observer is reporting that we’re betting on climate failure because Canada continues


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