‘Just Transition’ Overview


‘Just Transition’ Overview

Despite the recent election, the government is moving forward with requiring comments by this Thursday, September 30th for their “Just Transition” legislation. This election was nowhere near a concrete mandate for sweeping legislative change that opponents of oil and gas claim it was, yet the Liberal government is moving forward with this agenda to get rid of one of Canada’s largest industries.

According to the government, the “Just Transition” is intended to minimize the impacts on workers and communities while being more inclusive. However, the term “Just Transition” itself originates from the Green New Deal ideology which sees free-market enterprise as something that needs to be eliminated. This is part of the internationally funded and organized campaign for climate, social and racial justice which seeks to mandate the end of oil and gas.

Here are some key messages that CENN believes are valid arguments against this short-sighted push for the phasing out of Canadian oil and gas.

You can make your own submission to Natural Resources Canada by emailing them at nrcan.justtransition-transitionequitable.rncan@canada.ca.

Key Messages:

1. This election was a mandate for the status quo not radical legislative change to Canadian energy policy.

 2. A third option for climate, the circular economy, was not even considered.

3. Many experts think that we could be on the verge of an energy crisis.

4. It goes against Canada’s strategic advantage of being best in the world at oil and gas. We can reduce global emissions by producing more and taking global market share from less responsible producers.

5. Indigenous groups have not been meaningfully consulted on a “Just Transition”. It is undemocratic for a minority government to allow only 10 days to react to the election and finalize comments. This government only pursued UNDRIP legislation a short four months ago committing it to meaningful consultation with First Nation leaders on new legislation.


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