Investing in the best in the world Canadian energy produced with carbon tech and natural gas is a better way to reduce impacts.


ACTIVIST CLAIM: Anti-Coastal GasLink activists harass TC Energy Board chair and RBC Executive at private residences claiming violence against Indigenous people.

THE FACTS:  Radical activist groups have a history of harassing people at their private residences. No one’s family should be subjected to this – It’s just wrong. 


Activists in Canada Build Construction Site on Pipeline Executives’ Front Lawns

Here are some facts and sources to have a reasoned conversation about Coastal GasLink:

Stories that get it right

 Another FN group wants in on Trans Mountain pipeline

Nesika Services is the latest Indigenous group that is looking at buying a stake in the Trans Mountain pipeline. This group represents Albertan and B.C. First Nations looking to close the economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and to empower their communities.

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