Indigenous communities are looking for reconcili-action

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Setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas media stories

ACTIVIST CLAIM: Greenpeace Canada again exploits the deaths of Indigenous kids to use First Nations’ tragedy for their climate cause.  Many First Nations leaders label this ‘eco-colonialism’ and a step backward for on-reserve poverty and say they do not need ENGOs telling them how to protect their land.

THE FACTS:  Indigenous communities are looking for reconcili-action, not cynical gestures amounting to eco-colonialism.  The ability to be respectfully included in resource projects promotes reconciliation, gives First Nation’s control over protecting the land, and helps end on-reserve poverty.


Here are some talking points and sources to have a reasonable conversation about Indigenous participation in the natural resource sector:

Stories that get it right

Coastal Gaslink pipeline nears halfway mark with B.C. river crossing.

 In another milestone for Coastal GasLink, the natural gas pipeline project has hit its halfway mark. The project has signed agreements with all 20 Indigenous communities along its path. It has also employed more than 350 Indigenous workers.

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