Foreign-funded 350 Canada and Dogwood respond to Alberta Inquiry report pushing ENGO talking points

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Setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas media stories

ACTIVIST CLAIM: Foreign-funded 350 Canada and Dogwood attempt to define the narrative of the Alberta Inquiry report by claiming they are not anti-Alberta, despite blocking Alberta energy projects.

THE FACTS: Foreign-funded 350 Canada and Dogwood responses to the Alberta Inquiry report make false claims about Alberta’s energy industry, which serves to benefit less responsible international competitors in world oil markets.


350 Canada responds to the Alberta Inquiry

Dogwood’s response to the Alberta Inquiry

Here are some talking points and sources to have a reasoned conversation about the Alberta Inquiry:


Stories that get it right

A Smart Climate Policy Needs Emission-Free Fossil Fuels and Renewable Power

The reality of the energy system will still require fossil fuels in the future, even as the world shifts to some renewable sources as well. However, the oil and gas industry is in the process of transforming oil and gas into a net-zero energy source. We will need a healthy mix of both renewables and traditional fossil fuels to counter emissions.

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