Drilling fluid used for construction is made from Bentonite, which is a type of clay.

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Setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas media stories

ACTIVIST CLAIM: Foreign-funded Dogwood retweets story about non-toxic drilling fluid spill from TMX construction insinuating it was a spill from the pipeline itself.

THE FACTS:   Drilling fluid used for construction is made from Bentonite, which is a type of clay.


Here are some facts and sources to have a reasoned conversation about pipelines:

  • Bentonite is a type of clay used for a variety of applications, including drilling for water wells because it is non-toxic.

  • Activists will always use the possibility of a spill as arguments against pipeline projects, but that possibility is remotely small. Out of the 1.3 billion barrels delivered last year, only 672 were released by accident but all were recovered.
  • Most credible reports show that demand for oil and gas is increasing globally, especially in non-OECD countries. This means that Canada, with our best in the world energy production, can supply these countries and expand our trade with pipelines.


Stories that get it right:

Fossil Fuels and the Law – Will Eco-Terrorism Become Acceptable? – David Yager

Increasingly, we’ve seen environmental groups and protesters finding themselves above the law, even when acting in an inappropriate or illegal manner. They’ve even become so bold as to suggest that violence may be needed in their misguided crusade against Canada’s oil and gas industry.

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