Carbon Tax Experiment is a Danger to New Brunswick


Title: Carbon Tax Experiment is a Danger to New Brunswick

Author: Marco Navarro-Génie

Publisher: Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

Date: March 23, 2018

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  • While good intentions matter a great deal, results matter most. The federal decision to impose a national carbon tax policy may be well-intentioned, but its effects may be detrimental to our economy. We’ll likely see its worst effects on New Brunswick.
  • Transportation and manufacturing, for example, will face hard decisions with higher costs of doing business. They may be forced to make big capital investments to stay in business. No business will escape and, almost inevitably, the increased costs of the new carbon tax will be passed on to consumers.
  • The federal government’s national carbon policy will be measured against the claim that it can concurrently reduce carbon emissions and grow the Canadian economy. But imposing such an aggressive experiment on New Brunswick by remote from Ottawa is fraught with significant risks. At the least, it may bring the province’s economy to an abrupt stall.

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